Push notification to the mobile terminal

Fig. 1

The signals function designed for notification of events in the market. By creating the signals can be away from the monitor as the client terminal will automatically inform the commission of a specified event. In order to use this feature, you must run the trading terminal and open the "Data Window", which opens when you click "Terminal" on the toolbar in the trading terminal.

Fig. 2

Next you need to set a signal on a white field of this tab by right-click and select the menu item "Create".

Fig. 3

In the next window we select the desired action and establish settings for the future signal.

Let's understand what is the meanig of the fields available in the "Editor signals."

Action — action to be taken when an event occurs:
Sound — playing a sound file;
File — run an executable file;
Mail — sending messages via internal mail;
Notification — sending push-notification to the mobile device. To send this notice MetaQuotes ID must be specified in the terminal settings - a unique ID that is assigned to each mobile terminal when installed on the device. Push-messages are an effective means of notification of events, they are instantly delivered to the mobile device, and do not get lost in posting. The text message is indicated in the "Source".

Symbol — financial instrument from which the data are used to verify the condition. If the condition is set to "Time=" ( then the trigger signal at the preset time), the symbol does not matter;

Сondition — condition when the alarm is triggered . As this condition can be:
Bid> — Bid price greater than a predetermined value. If the current Bid price rises above this value, the alert will trigger;
BidAsk> — Ask> — "Ask price" greater than a predetermined value. If the current "Ask price" rises above this value, the alert will trigger;
AskTime= — time is equal to the specified value. At the specified time the alert will trigger.

Value — test value conditions. If the price of the instrument will satisfy this value, the alert will trigger;

Source — depending on the type of action to be performed when the event is specified here:
— Audio file format *.wav, *.mp3 or *.wma.
— executable file format *.exe, *.vbs or *.bat.
—- letter template for sending. If you select the "Letter" and when you click on this box “writing template letters” will appear to send to the address specified in the settings of the terminal. You can also simply write a text message in this field in the format "message subject and text of the letter»;
— push-text messages.The maximum length of the message is 255 characters.

Timeout — period of time through which the signal is issued;

Maximum iterations — the maximum number of signals about the event.


The new "Alerts" in the terminal "MetaTrader 4 for Windows" allows you to send push-messages to your smartphone - iPhone or Android. Using this function will allow you to monitor the status of the market and to trade more effectively.

To adjust the push-notifications you need to:

Fig. 1

In the "Settings" section, select the subsection for "Messages".

Fig. 2

In this section, we get the "MetaQuotes ID", the service is required for Push-notifications.

Fig. 3

The next step is to configure the service connection of the terminal that is installed on your computer. Run MetaTrader 4 trading platform on your computer in the main menu, select the section "Tools" pull-down - "Settings".

Fig. 4

In the appeared window, select the tab "Notifications."

Fig. 5

In this tab, put a mark next to the line "Allow Push-notification ".

Fig. 6

And enter your earlier obtained MetaQuotes ID.

Fig. 7

Then press "OK".

Fig. 8

This was the final step in activating the service Push-notifications. Now you can get your installed trading signals not just being at the computer, but also in any place convenient for you.