Frequently asked questions

When I enter the terminal, it does not ask for my authorization procedure. Why? When my kids playing my computer,they can trade without my aware ...

First of all, make sure you remember your password. If you remember, then go to menu "File" / "Login" and remove check mark next to "Keep personal information" / "Login."

Now, for the next time of terminal load your account it will be required to go through the authorization process ("File" / "Login") with the introduction of a login and password.

What happens during the locking position?

Blocking positions of participants in financial markets and their strategies used for stopping the growth level of losses without closing the position itself.

For example, you have a short position of 2.00 in the lot on the EUR / USD.
Assume that the market moves against you, and the EUR / USD rising. But you assume that this is a temporary state of the market or your indicators show that over time we should expect "rollback."

In this case, you can open a long position of 2.00 in the lot with no additional margin requirements. So you stop the growth of losses on the short position at the expense of long positions.

Then you can ride out the "bull" (growing) market and to "roll back" to close your long position in order to save the short one.

What is GAP?

GAP - a price break.
All orders that have appeared in this gap can not be filled at the price declared by the Client.

My order was not updated even though the price was on the chart.

It should be remembered that the graphics in the terminal are based on the price of "Bid". Thus, "High" is the maximum Bid and "Low" is the minimum Bid.

If you have a pending order buylimit for GBP / JPY 140.00 for the price, then it will be executed at the price of "Ask." Upon reaching the price of GBP / JPY chart position to the level of 140.00 will not open because the price of the "Ask" at this point would be 140.08 (spread for GBP / JPY leveled 8 points). Only when the chart (price) reaches the level of 139.92 and below the order will be executed.

For your convenience, the chart can display the line "Ask." To do this, right click in the graphics / "Properties" / tick the "Show Ask line".

Why the price is different from the position opening price which I pointed at the disposal of the dealer?

When you "go on the market", then check in the warrant option "Enable maximum deviation from quoted price." If it is active and in the field "Maximum" is, for example, 5, then this means that when you receive your orders dealer to process, due to changes in market conditions, the dealer can offer you a position at a price that is 5 points will differ from the price you specified in the order, and wherein the terminal automatically agrees to the price.

For example:

  • You send an order to open a short position of EUR / USD at the price of 1.3350.
  • The dealer received your request, assesses the state of the market and decides to offer you the price of 1.3345.
  • The terminal automatically agrees to the proposed dealer price - the position opened at 1.3345.

For such a situation is not repeated, and all of the proposed new dealer prices being received by you in the terminal, it is enough in the dialog box "Order" to remove the check mark next to "Enable maximum deviation from quoted price."

Why my positions were closed without my orders?

Open positions can be both profitable and unprofitable. If the market moves against you and your level of margin requirements closer to the mark of 10% or less, the dealer has the right without your orders to close all or part of the items on your own.

What is a swap? How are the swap points being counted?

Commercial transactions in the Forex market are under the spot. This means that all transactions made today must complete a total amount of base currency for the second time. In the case of margin trading real delivery does not occur, and to avoid shipping, you need to make a transaction type of swap, ie close the position at the current rate to the previous value date and re-open it at the closing rate with the swap points with a new opening date, and with the next valuation date. In the MetaTrader 4 for swapping operation closing and opening position does not occur (this is inconvenient for traders), and the open position of the charged or debited swap points. Thus, the value date (currency supply) is transferred to one business day.

The size of swap points for each of the financial instruments you can learn in the "Terms of trade".

Consider the example of swaps.

You open a short position on EUR / USD a 1 lot (100,000 EUR) at the price of 1.3700. The value of the swap points for short positions EUR / USD +0,3200.
At 23:59 the system time swap the open position, and the account is charged the cost of swap points according to the formula

Swap = Lots х ShortPips х PipSize,

"Lots" — - the amount of the open position (it is 1.00);
"ShortPips" — the size of the swap points (it is 0.3200)
"PipSize" —the cost of a single item in the deposit currency (in our case $ 10).

As a result, we get:

Swap =1.00 х (+0,3200) х 10 = +3.2$.

This amount will be displayed in your terminal in the "Swap" and will be added to your trading account at the closing position.

From Wednesday to Thursday swap goes triple, because after Friday's second business day - Monday, respectively, the swap points will be awarded treble (carrying value date from Friday to Saturday, from Saturday to Sunday and from Sunday to Monday).

What is a Trailing Stop? How it can be useful to me?

Stop Loss is needed to minimize your losses if the price has moved against you. When your open position becomes profitable, the stop loss can be moved into a profitable area for profit. In this case you can move the stop loss manually using the Trailing Stop function - allowing you to automate the process.

For example, you open a long position of 3 lots on EUR / USD, the opening rate: 1.3650. You set the Stop Loss at 1.3600 and activate the Trailing Stop function at the level of 15 points (right-click on the mouse position / "Trailing Stop" / "15 points"). As soon as the EUR / USD cross 1.3665, the terminal automatically sends an order to change the Stop Loss to the level of 1.3650. And with every change of course 1.3665, 1.3666, 1.3667 ... the terminal will automatically move the Stop Loss level, respectively, the market - 1.3650, 1.3651, 1.3652 ...

Trailing Stop function you set yourself at the terminal, and not on the server, and is connected only to an open position.

Attention! Trailing Stop works only when the terminal is turned on.

Mistakenly shut down schedule with all the settings and indicators that are used in your work. How to resume all the settings and indicators again at the open chart?

The terminal has a save function templates. It allows you to save all the graphics settings (imposed custom and technical indicators, line, attached adviser and its settings, color scheme).

To create a template it is required to run the "Charts" / "templates" / "Save Template". This template will be available for you in the future for any graphic.

If you have not saved the template, then it will be needed to restore the settings manually.

Demo account validity.

Duration of the demo account for 14 days and is renewable for the same period with your each successful login. In other words, the demo account is deleted only if you did not go at it for 14 consecutive days, and vice versa, will never be removed, if you go to it at least one time every 14 days.p>

The terminal 'freezes'. What's the problem?

Most likely, for technical analysis you are using a large number of built-in indicators. And the terminal is not able to normally update data received from the server.

To resolve this problem you need to rationalize the number of indicators you use. This will facilitate the operation of your terminal.

During the load of terminal, a window "LiveUpdate" appears. What is it?

The terminal has a built-in auto-update "LiveUpdate". This is in order to quickly produce software updates when new versions.

Click the "Update" button and wait until the terminal is upgraded to the latest version. After the update is complete, click "Restart."

It is not recommended ignore the update, it may cause incorrect operation of the terminal.

I want to see on the daily chart of EUR / USD for 11 September 2001. Tired to twist my computer mouse. How to do that easier way?

First it’s necessary to remove the "Auto Scroll" ("Graphs" / "Auto Scroll") function. Choose period D1, press the "Enter". In the lower left corner will fast navigation bar where you must enter the desired date in YYYY.MM.DD (eg 2001.09.11) and press "Enter". And you will immediately be transported to the desired time period.

Too small characters in the "Market Watch” are difficult to be seen. Is it possible to enlarge them?

Right-click in the "Market Watch" and a pop-up menu, select "Window quotations" or click "F10". In the resulting "Window quotes" you can right-click and from the context menu, select Properties, where you can make easy for you to setup (select font size, font color, background color, etc.).

I'm in an open position of 3 lots on EUR / USD. Can I close the portion of the entry, such as 1 lot, and to leave 2 lots?

Double-click the item you want to partially close, select the volume (for example, 1.00), and click the "Close ...". When splitting generates a new position number for the "left in the market" order.

Part of the graph is missing . How can I update the graphics data?

Such situation is possible when Internet connection with the trading server is unstable .
To update the chart, click on the chart, right-click, and from the context menu select "Update". Restart the terminal.

May I get a report on the conducted trade?

Yes, you may. To do this in a terminal in the tab "Account History", click the right mouse button and a pop-up menu, select "Save report as" / "Save as Detailed Report".

There is no story of my trade In the terminal. In what could be the reason?

This happens at the beginning of the calendar month. The terminal receives a new month as the new trade-reporting period and all previous transactions become hidden.

To display the history in the terminal, right-click context menu and select the "whole story."

What time is shown in the MetaTrader client terminal?

Time in the trading terminal MetaTrader - UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) + 2:00 (UTC +2). UTC is identical to the winter GMT, but unlike it can not be translated neither winter nor summer.

Some of the news can not be opened in the trading terminal

This is fine. Some news that is coming to you from the news agency DowJones in your trading terminal, consist only of a single title.

The trading terminal in the "Market" is not the right tool to me. What do I do?

Click the right mouse button in the "Market" from the context menu, select "Symbols". In the new window you will see all the trading tools available for your account. Here you can show or hide the contrary in the "Market Watch" desired character.

To display the "Market Watch" of all available financial tools necessary to right-click on the "Market" from the context menu and select "Show all symbols"

Successfully passed the authorization procedure. How can I  change the password to my account?

The main and investor passwords can be changed in the terminal. To do this in the terminal the following: "Service" / "Settings" / "Change". In the corresponding field, enter the coined password.

Important! To ensure the safety of the password should be complex: at least five characters and at least two of the three types of performance - lowercase, uppercase and numbers. Otherwise, a new password will not be assigned!

How to open a demo account?

After the installation of the terminal go to the menu "File" / "Open Account" / fill in all fields tick "I agree to receive news by email" / "Next" / "Next".

The last step of forming a new room demo accounts and two passwords - and the main investor. Click "Finish".

In the TeleTrader terminal "Mailbox" (not to be confused with your usual box e-mail)you will recieve welcome letter with your details, login and passwords trader and investor.

which version of Windows runs with the terminal?

MetaTrader 4 is running Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, WindowsVista and Windows 7.

My computer is connected to the Internet via a router (router) and can not connect to the trading server. What to do?

This situation is most common in enterprise networks. To solve this problem, just contact the network administrator and ask him to prescribe to the "allowed" trading server address.

In addition, the router itself (router) has a built-in firewall, which can interfere with the normal operation of the terminal. To resolve this problem, you can disable the firewall (that rarely agree on system administrators) or open port 443 on it.

what should be the internet?

The Internet should be reliable, since communication failure with the trading server companies may lead to unpredictable consequences. The most reliable connection is a dedicated line.

If you are going to use GPRS - in this case, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions of this service from your mobile operator, as in places the lack of GPRS-coverage you can not control your online trading account.

Which connection parameters do you need to specify in the terminal, in order to connect to the server?

If you downloaded the software from our website, it is already properly configured and the connection parameters in the MetaTrader 4 program no need to specify.

If you try to send the disposal and terminal reports "The market is closed."

Trading session on a financial instrument is closed. Schedule of markets you can find on our site.

I can enter trading terminal successfully, but I can not give an order and "New Order" button on the toolbar inactive.

Such situation is possible if you go to the terminal using the investor password. For the implementation of trade must go through the authorization process, using the master password (Trader's password).

After registration, activation code did not come into the terminal  or I deleted it. What do I have to do now?

Send by e-mail: scanned image of your passport and account number. After verification and confirmation of your personal data activation code will be sent in a response letter.

I would like give an order, but instead I receive a "Trade context is busy". What is the problem?

This situation is possible if you did not wait for an answer from the dealer to the previous request, and generated another (new) inquiry. To solve the problem sufficiently to restart trading platform.

Trading terminal displays a message where it is written "Invalid account". What do I have to do?

This situation is possible if you enter the wrong login with username and password or the account was deleted due to the expiration of its existence (for demo accounts).

Trading terminal displays a message where it is written "No connection". What to do?

There can be several reasons:

  • Most likely, in your local area network is blocking port 443. Need your system administrator to specify the proxy server address and port to connect to the Internet. This information you can also check with your Internet browser, follow the "Tools" / "Options" / "Connections" / "Setting the LAN ...», and rewrite the number of the proxy server and port number. After that, in the terminal, press "Tools" / "Settings" / tick the "Enable proxy server" / click "Proxy" and prescribe the number and port of the proxy server. If you are connecting to the Internet using a login and password, they must register in the appropriate lines.
  • You have a computer has antivirus software, which blocks the terminal through port 443. Turn off the antivirus program. If the connection to the server after it is established, the reason is that. To fix this problem you in the settings of anti-virus software to allow port 443 or MetaTrader 4 add to the list of allowed programs.
  • Your terminal has an old version of the update (Build). You must upgrade to the latest version of the terminal via the automatic update «LiveUpdate» or download trading terminal from our website and install it over the old version. Build a terminal can be found in the terminal menu "Help" / "About".