CFD on metals

In order to activate opportunities of CFD-trading on a live account, you can contact the nearest office TeleTrade or issuing a request through Personal account.

To get acquainted with the CFD-trading in demo mode when you open a demo account instead of the option to choose a forex option fxcfd or all, and then when the account has been opened, place the cursor over a list of all currency pairs and using the right mouse button to activate the «View all symbols».

Symbol Contract Minimal spread Long swap Short swap
(Silver vs Euro)
5 000 0.0300000000 -0.11 -0.04
(Silver vs US Dollar)
5 000 0.0500000000 -1.30 -0.51
(Gold vs Euro)
100 0.3000000000 -1.92 -3.44
(Gold vs US Dollar)
100 0.4100000000 -10.15 -3.95
(Palladium vs US Dollar)
100 0.9000000000 -7.80 -3.03
(Platinum vs US Dollar)
100 0.3200000000 -7.13 -2.77