Conditions of trade

TeleTrade offers its clients two account types based on their trading strategy and trading style.


General Trading Conditions:

  • Fixed spread
  • 4/2 figures after decimal point
  • Pending Order Levels
  • Freeze Level
  • StopOut level is 10%
  • Instant Execution:
    • Market order execution price guaranteed
    • Requotes
    • Execution time can be longer in periods of 'high volatility or low liquidity'

Price Formation:

This type of price formation requires the company's resources for clearing operations (management of total client position), that is why in periods of high volatility or low liquidity it can take some time to process client trades.

Applying this model, the company earns on internal clearing operations, and the profit tends towards the spread set by the company.

Trading Tools


Attention! A swap, being a fixed size, is deposited (or subtracted) for an overnight position.For all financial instruments, on Wednesday night, a swap is calculated at triple rate. For trades left opened from Friday to Monday, the normal single swap applies

We recommend you to familiarize yourself with the regulation documents before beginning your trading.

If you have any questions, you can contact us for qualified consultation in any way convenient for you.


General Trading Conditions:

  • Floating spread (narrow most of the time, and can be wide when news are released)
  • 5/3 figures after decimal point
  • Commission for operation execution
  • No or minimal Pending Order Level
  • No or minimal Freeze Levell
  • StopOut level is 10%
  • Market Execution:
    • Execution price not guaranteed
    • No requotes
    • Fast execution regardless of the market situation

Price Formation:

Processing of client orders is carried out automatically at the best prices available in the market that are given by the liquidity provider. As the company, in this model, is not involved in price formation, the speed of processing is high under any market conditions. With this model applied, the company earns on the difference between commissions (Client – Company, Company – Prime Broker) for trading operations execution.