$ 1,000 to the account!

Bonus at the start with $ 1,000 - is real!
Get $ 1,000 to the account!
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  • You need to open or refill a real account in the G.C TeleTrade in terms of this promotion.
  • Bonus credited with package amount of $ 1000, when deposit up to $ 5,000 (That is: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000), and with package amount of $ 5,000 while making a deposit more than $ 5,000 (5000, 10000, 15000 etc.).Minimum amount for deposit to get bonus is $ 1000.
  • When the amount of available account (Equity) becomes less than the amount of bonus, TeleTrade has the right, without notice to eliminate position in the account, and also cancel the bonus if not complete conditions of closed lot.
  • The client can withdraw bonus from the account only if completed the conditions of closed lot (look. calculator to calculate bonuses). Company TeleTrade has the right to cancel the bonus, when the client withdrawal from account in any size if not complete conditions of closed lot.
  • The client can deposit account without any change in the conditions of the bonus, but on the additional money won’t get bonus.
  • The client can trade only on the contracts of Forex market and CFD metals.
  • This action cancels all other bonuses or promotion, that held by the company TeleTrade.