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An educational material is in the form of graphs and analysis for them:

  • will show how and how much you could earn over the past week;
  • will explain how the fundamentals affect the change in prices of various assets;
  • will teach the basics of market analysis.

You will learn with our help how to trade on financial markets and get profit from it.

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The prices of various financial instruments depend on many factors. Several distinct groups of fundamental factors are underlined. In order to trade profitably, it is important to understand how these factors affect the price, and be able to make predictions based on their analysis. Below you can look at real examples, that will show you how are these factors look like

Fundamental factors affecting the financial markets:

  • Financial factors
  • Political factors and the impact of news
  • General economic factors
  • Natural disasters and catastrophes


Currency - Currency is the most changeable instrument. But its changeability is its main feature. It gives an opportunity to get a high profit in a short-term. Currency market is the largest market in the world and has the highest liquidity. Foreign exchange market cannot collapse wholly, like the stock market, as a decrease of one currency relatively means an increase of another currency. To make profit on a difference in exchange rates can be in any direction of the currency. Even in the crisis. from the variety of currency pairs you can choose the one which will be more convenient to make profit.


Gold - is a protective tool that is suitable for the Conservatives. By investing your money in it, you can count on them being saved for a long period of time. Usually, the price of gold is stable, and make profit from it is possible in the long term. However, in a period of uncertainty in the markets, investors have significantly increased the demand for this instrument, which makes gold prices more changeable. In such situation, the CFD trading on gold is more relevant, as it gives the opportunity to earn from both the increase in the price of the asset and its decrease.

Profit: $300 for lot

Analysis of the performance of currencies last week

On the 26th of June 2015 the euro showed a downward trend, amid concerns about the situation in Greece. According to media reports, the Greek government rejected the proposal to extend the terms of the financial assistance program for 5 more months. The proposal included the extension of the program until the end of November, with funding of 15.5 billion euros (8.7 billion euros from the European Fund, 3.3 billion from the SMPs programme and 3.5 billion euros from the IMF). However, the situation was quite unfortunate. The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras previously accused Greece’s creditors of blackmail. The Greek government wanted to conclude the long-term agreement, without getting a reprieve until November. According to sources in Greece, recent proposals have been characterised as impractical and that they will not allow the country to break out of the vicious circle of "austerity measures".

Use of this trading opportunity could have brought the possibility to get profit of about $300 on EUR/ USD with 1 standard lot.  

Profit: $4 500 for lot

Analysis of the performance of gold last week

On the 22nd and 23rd of June 2015, the price of gold fell. The reason for the fall was the strengthening of the dollar (the prices of dollar and gold tend to have an inversely proportional relationship). During the two days, the dollar index, which tracks the US currency’s performance against six major currencies, showed an upward trend, rising by 1.7% to a level of 96.6 points.

Use of this trading opportunity could have brought the possibility to get profit of about $4,500 with 1 standard lot.


Oil - is primarily a raw material that is constantly in demand for the energy. In the world its amount is limited. Although the price for it depends on supply and demand, the political circumstances have the great impact on it as well. The main countries - oil suppliers regulate oil prices and even fall in demand tend to keep them at a certain level. All these factors argue in favor of oil as an asset for long-term investments. However, in the short term, it is possible to earn as well. This can be done easily by trading oil futures through CFD. In this case you can make profit from any trend in the market is on the rise, and the decrease in price of the underlying asset, ie oil.


Stocks - Stocks - is a classic tool of investment, which has always been interesting to large investors wishing to gain at the expense of the development of companies and the growth of their market capitalization. There are a huge number of shares of different companies in the stock market. To make profit from them, you need to constantly be aware of macroeconomic events, keep an eye on corporate news of the companies, and understand financial statements. A major drawback in stock trading is a high amount of entering the stock market (about $ 25,000).
Trading of shares through the CFD provides the ability to trade with smaller amounts and at the same time earn on increase of the price of shares and on their decrease.

Profit: $160 for lot

Analysis of the performance of shares last week

Nike Inc. (NKE), the world-famous manufacturer of sports clothing and footwear, was one of the companies, whose changes in stock prices provided good profit opportunities in the period from the 22nd to 26th of June 2015.

On the 26th of June, NKE shares rose more than 4%, updating their historical maximum. What triggered the growth was the publication of the company's quarterly report, according to which the financial results for the 4th quarter of the fiscal year were better than expected. The profit was at the level of $0.98 per share, versus the average forecast of $0.83, while the revenue increased by 4.8% y / y to $7.70 billion, slightly higher than the average forecast of $7.69 billion.

Use of this trading opportunity could have brought the possibility to get profit of about $160 or about 15% of the investment with 1 standard lot.