Advantages of the "Master-Invest": Success, Safety and Control


Let's master trader in the Forex market, do not to commit the common mistake of beginners. Being trust your account assigned to the Master Trader who has confirmed the high level of expertise. The proportion of profitable operating performances and excellent transaction multiple times better than any words yet.

On each page of the Master, all the necessary information below:

  • Master has been the experience with Forex Trading
  • The currency pair and transaction strategies that Master likes and/or use
  • Master had income during the long
  • Master Account change every day

In addition, you can also ask questions to the Master with the help of a special form


The savvy investor always aims to focus the managers into a team. Often it is difficult to achieve that if the capital is not much. But "Master-Invest" could do with this service which will be provided manager numbers are unlimited.

Now even with a few thousand dollars, will be the party Trader work for you. Although supposed to normal conditions, trader just starting the transaction with the customer only if the customer's capital account must be approximately from $ 10,000.

. It is responsible for the transaction result in your account being divided equally to the Master that you have selected. This allows to reduce fluctuations could negatively affect the overall capital and also more stable your income. Even if the Master fell into a series of failing transactions, then the risk you run lower. That is how we have built the project "Master-Invest" for customers. Only a part of your personal account is dependent on the Master.


"Master-Invest" allow you to keep your assets under controlling. It differs from the investment funds which they manage your money by their ways. Here’s some of your ability to participate in the Master Invest:

  • You can see the works of the Master that you have selected in real time
  • Adjust and even closing any transaction.

When you need money, the money in the account will be reported immediately. All Master will be disabled with a click, then through the Terminal transactions yourself you can close all the transactions without the assistance of anyone handling the company's employees.

The money in the account is fixed at that point, it no longer depends on any fluctuations in the market, and you can instantly withdraw money. Investment in the Fund, the withdrawal request usually takes 1-3 days and in that time the amount in your account will be descending in a "suspicious".


Investment is profitable or risky?

The first think that we often imagine when it comes to the Forex market are: huge profits, very profitable investment, but the risks are great and can be lost. Until now, most profitable investments are formed from the idea of having part adventure coupled with precise calculation. Any investor cautions often ask the question: when participating in Forex trading can make your investments becomes similar to deposits profitable, and can minimize the risk or not?

Investments with "Master-Invest" will make you happy and satisfy your every desire

Project "Master-Invest" is the most accurate answer. It is a financial product with high profit with low risk created by Forex professionals. How to trust this assertion? You simply need to click on the Chart, look at the "total return" and then scroll down to the other to see the results of Master Trading on Forex - this would be the best way to check that all everything. And of course, the next step is making the actual investment. Project "Master-Invest" is a combination of the most common wishes of investors are: high income returns, the freedom to choose the management and full control, can even say Investors overall control in all cases.

Investing more or less? Now let's discuss safety issues.

All the conditions in the project "Master-Invest" is applied to all forms of investment, which more or less regardless. But no need to be an expert to be able to understand, in normal conditions, small investments and projects forex trading reliably almost incompatible, but usually the beginners in Forex investing is always aimed at small investors. Of course if your criteria are highly profitable investments and less risky to invest in foreign exchange you should also be interested. High degree of confidence despite little capital investment is still one of the great advantages of the "Master-Invest".

Investment is profitable and low risk levels: we will help you balances.

The highly profitable investments with higher interest rates than banks repeatedly and simultaneously hedging 100% are absolutely impossible. Therefore investing in Forex and in other financial markets is regarded as an ideal case, because the level of risk can be significantly reduced. This issue has been raised and successfully implemented with the creation of the project "Master-Invest".

Effectively invest money in Forex.

Trader uses personal money transactions are also considered an investment. Meanly, he is investing by himself; investing in both intellectual and personality. In the 21st century, following the global economic crisis of confidence in banks has been reduced greatly. Although interest rates are not likely to attract the attention of investors innovative, because the risk is too much comparing to income is likely less. In the absence of sufficient funds and bad debts are rising, the financial institution is no longer a "solid wall" that people previously or find.

So where to invest money?

For profitable investment, in fact, there are not many alternatives to choose from. But if the person has knowledge of a certain level, then the first choice would be to invest in the currency in order to ensure future life. Of course, the investment that needs to be done regularly and to accept the risk. Offset the profitability of this investment is much higher than banks or other credit institutions. Money in the bank will bring about 5-10% profit each year. Was it good investment money? This does not even compensate for inflation annually. And to get a normal profit margin sufficient to cover variable life and ensure your needs into reality, you need to open a deposit account with a huge amount. Only in that case, your new dream becomes a reality. But not all of us have $ 100,000 to invest in banks, in contrast to invest in Forex could be. Forex Investment will help you to increase the amount of investment capital from the original account which is small. It is a conscious decision of those who wish to try active on world currency markets.

Any outstanding advantages when investing in this project?

  • 1High profit

    There is nothing to talk about when speaking this is the first basic elements need to mention. Investors who understand the level of risk is always ready to put his money on world currency markets. This decision could bring "super profits" and allows increased the amount of capital in a short period of time.

  • 2The relationship between risk and profit

    If the banks are offering fixed interest rates, the currency on the Forex investment is the freedom to choose a variety of risks and profits. That is, there is always the case: there are investors want less risk and profit of 20-30% per year, but there are people who agree to accept a little more risk but also offset interest will be more. In any case, investors make their own choices.

  • 3 The deposit or withdraw money always easy

    When that contract deposit in the bank for a period of 12 months, if you want to end the contract early customers sometimes face a series of difficult and annoying. Investors sometimes have to accept the loss of the profits of the profit obtained or denied withdrawals under the terms of the contract signed earlier. This aspect is considered extremely inconvenient, but if the financial market is everything becomes extremely simple. If a customer transaction or the amount of his or assured delivery management for traders, then whenever a customer request can be withdrawn immediately. Even now, it just requires you to load and withdrawals will be made very flexible.

  • 4Do not be bound by geographical distance

    When investing money through the project "Master-Invest" will help you not take steps to have the bank to receive interest. By other words, the foreign exchange market presence in places where internet coverage worldwide, which allows for a short time shows how much you have earned and used them (or to withdraw continuous trading) without any hindrance political, economic, or geographic. Among of this type of investment are the initial customers to know how to learn how to trade or lose time looking for traders Management justice. However, profits can be seen in the future worthy of intellectual effort and money. Therefore, efforts should be otherwise, you will not be successful. This job gives you a great potential in the particular business environment. And if investors are willing to take the time to research the transaction without pay much time to next step of success. When engaging in the service of the company, investors do not necessarily know a lot of knowledge about Forex trading, which simply divides money for our traders, with similar business strategies or various managements. To be Trust trading experiences, The Masters of TeleTrade have many years of experience in this work.


Any customer of TeleTrade can also become a member of project you just have to activate your account. Opening an account can be done in any representative office of the company or simply open an account via the Internet.

Through personal page in section "Create account (Register)" . You can transfer your account status to "Financial investments - Invest account" and connect to the account of the Master. Please enter your personal data, then you will stand your account name (but temporary account at that time was still empty and no money). Then you can transfer the required amount to the account of VISA, MasterCard or through electronic recharge systems (WebMoney, RBK Money, QIWI ...). Then choose on the list of one or several master. Connect "Invest account" your "master account" and use the tactical success of the Master applies to your trading to gain profits. To do this, customers only need to enter the code of the contract of "master account" you have choose. The contract numbers are displayed on the "Table assess margins".

For more detailed information about the connection with the project "Master-Invest" and deals from experts TeleTrade, you can contact through the following ways:

  • Email
  • Through Personal Page
  • Through telephone contact with a representative office
  • Via the feedback form on the website (Our experts will connect with you in as soon as possible)


The company does not charge a commission when:

  • Transfer of account status to "Invest account"
  • Connect "Invest account" with "Master account" from "Table assess margins"
  • If the transaction is copied from the "master account" your loss

Commission specified by the Master will be charged in the case:

  • Customers get real profit on "Invest account" through trading the total of all of the Master.

I want to earn money along with the Master!

Fill out the form below and our consultants will guide you how to select Master.

NOTE! When you open an account at TeleTrade Invest Account, you do not only copy the transaction from the Master but also you can perform all your transactions in the Account Invest. Also, you can still own the account normal transaction.
This lets you simultaneously copy from the Master Transaction Account Invest account themselves, and can use the existing trading strategies that apply to all transactions on your account.


Become investors in our project, you will get "Invest account".

"Invest account" is an account of the company's customers TeleTrade, and that account within the framework of the project "Master-Invest" will be connected to the "master account". This connection will allow you to automatically copy the transactions made by the manager "master account". Transactions will only be copied corresponds to the amount you have not used in the "Invest account".

To connect to the "Master-Invest", you need to open an account at TeleTrade Office, and then switch the status of the account is "Invest account".

  • 1Registration automatic copy of the Master Transaction and make a profit for him from every transaction.

    In this case, the Master of your transaction and simultaneously open and close on both "master account" and your account, profit will be calculated for you and the Master. Also if you are unhappy or disagree with certain trading strategies of the Master, then you can ask questions or immediately stop the master copy of this transaction on your account.

  • 2Change each transaction replication on the basis of the calculations and the personal views of the actual situation on the market.

    You can also perform a simple close copy transactions if the transaction that will not succeed.

  • 3Create an initial list with the best strategy over the connection along with a few masters.

    In this case, you can keep connected to this master group in a long time or frequently changing Master team members if you find that their investment strategy is likely to succeed in a period specific.

  • 4Ensure safety by placing limit the number of transactions is to copy certain.

    Transaction volume copy is controlled by the settings on your personal page.