Training in the office

For those who have a desire to be trained in the office TeleTrade, the company offers a range of training programs, that have a feature of an individual approach to each student.

Already on the first day of the classes you will be given a personal consultant who:

  • develops a training program with the optimal balance of theory and practice;
  • helps to build a personal trading strategy;
  • will become your advisor in financial markets;
  • will insure against the risks and help to find the right trading decisions.

With us you do not just learn how to make transactions on the market, but also to make profit from your trade.

Our training programs are recognized as the best. And this is confirmed by numerous awards. Including premium «Financial Elite of Russia 2012» in the «Company of the Year in the field of Forex education».



  • For those who prefer direct communication with the consultant and teacher.

  • For those who like the working atmosphere with the audience.

  • For those who are interested in sharing and exchanging their knowledge with other students.



    The introductory course will cover issues such as:


    • the concept of financial markets;
    • the benefits of financial markets over the other types of investment;
    • the necessities for trading in the financial markets;
    • how the exchange rates are formed and the financial instruments are working;
    • when to enter the market for transactions;
    • how to minimize the risks and trade without losses;
    • which methods to use for the analysis of changes in exchange rates;
    • how to make the maximized profits.


    Practical classes consist of specific topics, such as:

    You will learn about the basic concepts (the tools, tactics and strategies) that will be used during the classes. You will also be able to apply the tools studied in practice.

    The advantage of practical classes is that they help to overcome the internal psychological barriers that hinder to start the real trading in the financial markets. Together with the practical skills, the future traders gain confidence in their abilities and make sure that earning money by trading the financial instruments is quite real.

    What are the advantages of introductory training?

    After attending the introductory course and visiting the classes, you will receive a certificate of finishing the course, and most importantly - the knowledge that you can use to start trading in the financial markets.

    For those who want to come over of all the subtleties and secrets of trading, the company TeleTrade conducting additional master classes, which will address some aspects of financial trading. You can find out the schedule of those classes on the website of the company or in its offices.

    If you are planning to continue to study systematically the ins and outs of trading in financial markets, the company TeleTrade offers a program of professional training.


    The professional programs of Tele Trade will help to learn how to trade in the financial markets in all of its intricacies. They are presented in various forms, master classes, workshops and individual training. All programs are conducted by the successful traders and professionals.

    In-depth training includes the following:

    • improve knowledge on your selected areas (types of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, the creation of trading robots, etc.);
    • to communicate in master classes and workshops with the "guru" of financial markets;
    • visit the author's courses to trade the financial markets from known traders with a successful trade.

    Each office has its own Civil TeleTrade unique programs in-depth study of financial markets, on which you can enroll after the basic courses.


  • Lectures and seminars that are about what are the financial markets, how they work and how to make profit with them.
  • Work with a consultant who helps to understand the emerging issues, makes up an individual timetable, and also providing a significant help when the time comes to choose the optimal trading strategy for you.
  • Practice, during which you are trading on a demo (also on the real) run under the supervision of your consultant.
  • Thematic seminars conducted by professionals and dedicated to different aspects of trading in financial markets.
  • Master classes led by successful traders, that training with special trading tools and tactics that significantly improve the efficiency of trade.
  • Game sessions help to get rid of the psychological barriers and allow to release all your potential for successful trading.
  • Obtaining and analyzing the analytical reviews of the best traders of the company.
  • Practical exercises in the group. Together with other students, you can build and test your trading strategies.


Education is free in the office and consists of 3 lectures, after which you can go through 2-3-week course of practical training. All literature is available. For more information on advanced courses as well as the seminars and master classes, contact the nearest agency of the company..


Individual approach
Education in TeleTrade is individually. This is not just a list of classes. The training schedule you can compose together with a consultant, considering the goals you intend to achieve.

Personal Consultant
Your personal consultant will provide support throughout the training, and then will become a reliable assistant and advisor on all issues related to trading in financial markets.

Full immersion into the atmosphere of trading in financial markets
Deciding to study to trade in the financial markets TeleTrade, you will get a real practical experience. During the lessons you will be able, together with other students to build your strategies to make the best trading decisions in different situations. The whole learning process is supervised by experienced traders that will give the right advice in any situation and show you how to act using the real life examples.

Opportunity to communicate with the best traders
You will be able to attend the master classes of the best traders who will share their experience of successful trading in the markets with you.