January 2019 14

Change the trading conditions during the period of the Brexit

Dear Client,

We draw your attention to the fact that on January 15, 2019 there will be a vote on the exit of the UK from the European Union (Brexit). This event may cause low liquidity and a corresponding increase in spreads and volatility growth for a variety of trading instruments. As a rule, instruments of the stock market, indices and stocks react sensitively to political events on this scale; nevertheless, risks of low liquidity may also affect the instruments of the foreign exchange market, especially EUR, GBP, CHF and JPY.

In this regard, the Company gives notice that these events in the market can lead to a decrease in the maximum leverage of trades which were opened with leverage higher than 1:50.

The maximum levels are as follows:

  • Forex - 1:50
  • CFD on Metals - 1:50
  • CFD on Raw - 1:25
  • CFD on indices - 1:10
  • CFD on Stocks and ETFs - 1: 5

The decision to change the margin requirements will be taken depending on the market situation.

Kind regards,