September 2017 11

TeleTrade Analytics Newsletter Available Through Viber And Telegram And Via SMS (Chargeable)

Lately, the number of clients using TeleTrade's analytics has increased considerably. To make it more convenient to receive analytics on a client's mobile phone, we have launched channels via Viber and Telegram. A detailed video tutorial how to get linked to the TeleTrade channels via Viber and Telegram is available in Russian and English while subscribing to analytics in your Client Login and on the TeleTrade Russia channel.

For its clients who prefer to receive analytics via SMS, TeleTrade will keep maintaining the SMS service and encourages its clients to subscribe to the chargeable SMS service in their Client Login starting September 20, 2017. The subscription fees for the analytics via SMS service are available in the Client Login.

The option to subscribe to the company's analytics service will be automatically available to every active client of the company, who executes trading transactions on a monthly basis and has a positive trading account balance.