September 2017 22

TeleTrade's analytical materials now available via Viber

TeleTrade has launched an information channel via Viber app.

TeleTrade Group of Companies Information and Analysis Department provides its clients with professional market overviews and materials on a daily basis: a collection of event data from the Dow Jones news feed, notifications and ratings in real-time mode, links to video reports from the company's leading analysts and currency strategists. Along with macroeconomic statistics releases on America, Europe and Asia, major statements from central bank officials are posted.

Pyotr Pushkaryov, chief analyst at TeleTrade Group of Companies, has expressed the opinion that an overview has everything a trader or investor needs to be able to get complete insight into trends and into what currency has greater odds to strengthen and what currency will be reversing or weakening.

“The value of a mobile analytical channel, be it Viber or Telegram, is that you won't miss out on anything really important happening in the market. Apart from that, if you execute real trades, then I'd recommend you to use the option that enables you to adjust a sound notification in the MetaTrader trading terminal that will be triggered if the prices of the currency pair you selected rise higher or fall below a certain 'control' level you set. In this way, you will always be able to learn about an emerging strong movement and to react to it without delay,” said Pyotr Pushkaryov.

You can join the channel by following this link

Here's detailed guidelines how to subscribe to TeleTrade Viber